I have to admit to mild plagiarism on this song, but it is impossible to secure proper attribution. Many years ago (too many to worry about) I was in the washroom of the Kopper King bar in Whitehorse, Yukon. This was not unusual for it was the hotspot of music and meetings "back in the day". The band Going South had residency there for a few years and they were excellent. I also participated in some of the Sunday jams. 

Anyway, written on the wall was "My old lady, she's so mean, she throws my drugs in the washing machine"! Wow, what a brilliant line I thought to myself, I have to write a song about that. So I did! 

I believe there is an underlying feminist theme to it since the protagonist is in denial about some elements of his attitude and relationship to desire and life beyond the simple pleasures. On the other hand, it might just be cringeworthy. That's how art works. 

On the album I decided to play all the instruments because I wanted it to have a kind of "garage band" feel and I believe that has been achieved. It was one of the most fun songs to record and contributes to the spirit of the album.