My album cover illustrates my ideas of "neighbourhood" by showing my present Kitchener neighbourhood on the cover and my older neighbourhood on the back. 

I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and lived there for many years before going to university and moving (eventually) to Ontario. The back photo is of Atlin B.C. which is an hour and a half drive south from Whitehorse. It is called the "Switzerland of the North" because it is ringed by mountains. Atlin Lake is the largest freshwater lake in British Columbia. Although Atlin is in BC, residents have a very close relationship with the Yukon because that is their only way "out" via car. It is a beautiful place.

I still love the mountains and lakes, rivers etc. of my youth. I have lived in Ontario for over 25 years now but the "rolling hills" do not offer the same excitement.

The front cover is from the neighbourhood in Kitchener where I currently live. It is the "Mount Hope - Breithaupt Park" neighbourhood and I've been here for about 18 years now working at my job in the software industry. I love this area because it is downtown and easy to walk to Kitchener or Waterloo. There are many great people living here and we have a vibrant community. For events try #mhbp or #mhbpna

The photo is supplied by Lane Burman and it is a picture of our street painting initiative. There are descriptions of this project here and here. It was a really fun afternoon in the summer of 2015 and I played guitar and sang a few songs to inspire everyone to paint. 

Here is a photo I took of the event:

The photo of me holding my Fender Deluxe Telecaster was taken by my son Jack Parkinson. He should be complimented for getting me to actually smile a bit! I also have to thank him for working on the album design and CD design as well. He took all my text and images and put them all together in the correct format to be produced by the CD manufacturer.